Google’s week: Driverless car plans, FireEye security flaws, and top searches

Google appeared to be winding down for the Christmas holidays having had a slow week. The company was revealed to be in talks with the UK government about its driverless car plans, and is rumoured to be creating an autonomous taxi service to challenge the likes of Uber.

The company also uncovered a bug in FireEye and revealed the top 10 most searched for terms in the UK in 2015.

Google in talks with UK government over driverless car plans

Driverless car in the USA

Google has been in talks with the UK Department for Transport about plans for its driverless car project over the past two years.

Records made available under a Freedom of Information request showed that Google sees Britain as a strong market for its autonomous vehicle technology.

Google’s Project Zero uncovers FireEye vulnerability

The INQUIRER reported that Google’s Project Zero research arm discovered a flaw in security software from FireEye that could be used to install backdoors and other cyber threats.

“An attacker can send an email to a user or get them to click a link and completely compromise one of the most privileged machines on the network,” said Tavis Ormandy, who is known as Project Zero’s ‘chief silver bullet sceptic’.

“This allows exfiltration of confidential data, tampering with traffic, lateral movement around networks and even self-propagating internet worms.”

Google could take on Uber with driverless taxi service


Bloomberg reported that Google has ambitions to take on Uber by creating a self-driving taxi firm, as well as make its driverless car division part of the firm’s Alphabet parent company.

Google has thoroughly tested its driverless car fleet around San Francisco and Austin, Texas, and it would make sense that an autonomous vehicle taxi firm would be launched in those cities.

Google reveals Cilla Black as the most searched term for 2015

google search magnifying glass

The BBC reported that deceased TV star Cilla Black topped the UK Google search charts in 2015.

Google revealed the top 10 most searched terms in the UK, which included celebrities, General Election results, the iPhone 6S, and two events related to terrorist attacks.

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