Google’s week: Stronger Gmail, Cardboard VR, and Apple Maps rivalry

Google has had a fairly productive week having improved Gmail security, revealed test data on its work with a D-Wave quantum computer, and brought virtual reality (VR) photos to its Cardboard headset.

The company did receive a small blow when Apple Maps reportedly knocked the Google Maps app off the top of the smartphone map app pile.

Google bulks up Gmail security with data loss prevention tool


Google added another layer of security to its popular Gmail service to help protect businesses against human error and email-based data leaks.

Data Loss Prevention scans emails and attachments and compares the content against a set of tailored keywords.

Google claims D-Wave quantum computer is 100 million times faster at some compute problems

D-Wave quantum computer

Google boasted that D-Wave quantum computers are faster at solving some problems than standard computers running a comparable algorithm.

The company claimed that the results of testing carried out on the system yielded results 100 million times faster than standard computers.

iPhone users finally prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps

Apple acquires Coherent Navigation to bolster Apple Maps

The INQUIRER reported that iPhone users now prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps, disrupting the search firm’s lead in the smartphone mobile maps arena.

Apple Maps had a disastrous launch in September 2012 with missing features and locations, meaning that it struggled to win the interest of iPhone users for some time.

Google brings virtual reality photos to its Cardboard VR headset

Google Cardboard

Google updated its Cardboard VR budget headset to offer 360-degree panoramic images taken on smartphones in a VR setting.

“Cardboard Camera takes VR photos – moments in time that you can relive in virtual reality,” Google’s description reads in the app store. “Hear the sounds as they happened, and look around to see the scene in every direction.”

Alphabet gains a V by renaming Google Life Sciences to ‘Verily’

Google campus

The INQUIRER reported that Google’s Alphabet parent company has added a V into its corporate repertoire by turning its life sciences division into a unit called Verily.

Formerly part of Alphabet’s X experimental division, Verily will bring together technology and life sciences to find new ways to solve health problems and fight disease.

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