Google’s week: YouTube gaming service, antitrust response and Container Engine

Google’s week has been fairly sedate, although the firm did manage to launch a YouTube gaming streaming service and respond to the European Commission’s antitrust charges.

The company also brought its Container Engine out of beta, and used its search engine to uncover coding talent. Furthermore, a Federal Communications Commission filing hinted that Google may launch a second generation of its Nest connected home thermostat.

Google strongly contends EU antitrust charges as legal battle looms


Google finally responded to the European Commission’s (EC) antitrust charges, denying that its search shopping service is anti-competitive. This has set up the prospect of a major legal showdown with the European Union.

Google has been accused of unfairly using its search power to favour its own shopping service results at the expense of rivals’, and the EC issued a Statement of Objections against the company in April.

Google unearths coding talent with search portal for magic terms


Google has used its search engine to find technology talent, after a coder secured a job at the firm by entering a particularly technical query.

Max Rosett was offered the chance for a career change after he searched for ‘python lambda function list comprehension’ using Google, and was prompted to complete a coding challenge, which eventually resulted in a face-to-face interview and a job offer.

Google announces Container Engine is out of beta and now live on its cloud platform

Google Compute Engine logo

CloudHub reported that Google took Container Engine out of beta and made it generally available to companies looking to run and manage Docker containers on Google’s cloud platform.

“Container Engine makes it easy for you to set up a container cluster and manage your application, without sacrificing infrastructure flexibility,” said Craig Mcluckie, product manager at Google.

The service bypasses the need to have a powerful cluster manager and orchestration system to bring container packaged app workloads into production.

YouTube launches gaming streaming service to take on Amazon Twitch

Google YouTube Gaming

Google launched a gaming streaming service on YouTube, reported CloudHub. The service will look to rival Amazon’s Twitch service.

“YouTube Gaming is all about your favourite games and gamers, with more videos than anywhere else. From Asteroids to Zelda, more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title,” Google said.

Nest is reportedly readying a second-gen connected home thermostat


CloudHub reported that Google is planning to launch a second-generation version of the Nest connected home thermostat, according to a Federal Communications Commission filing.

Details regarding the new Internet of Things device were thin on the ground, but there was enough in the filing to suggest that a new thermostat is on the way.

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