Grab a massage on the go with this portable massage hoodie (Wired UK)


A Singapore-based tech and fashion company has created a piece of wearable tech that can massage its wearer on the go.

The “Aira” (pronounced “era”) comes with an in-built massaging suite, controlled from a smartphone app. The prototype for Aira was shown at the IFA conference in Berlin in early September, and the real thing is set to be available for purchase early 2016.

The company responsible for the invention, TWare, has created other wearable tech such as a “hug jacket” a jacket that apparently was “developed in collaboration with senior occupational therapists, university researchers, clinical psychologists and educators,” that uses air pressure to stimulate the feeling of a hug.

The massage hoodie uses rotating air pressure units to relax its wearer. This means the jacket is light enough to wear around as it isn’t weighed down by a heavy massage mechanism.

The website, although unclear on exactly how much the hoodie will cost, reports it will come in at less than “half the price of a smartphone” and that it is supposedly “as effective as your own massage therapist.” 

According to the company, the jumper could be used for long distance journeys or at work. Check out the website if you’re keen to see people looking joyful whilst wearing hoodies.

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