Guardians spoilers are leaking weeks ahead of launch (Wired UK)

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Halo 5: Guardians isn’t released until 27 October. Of course, the internet being what it is, spoilers for the hotly anticipated game are flooding the web right now, weeks ahead of launch.

The alleged leaks come as a result of unscrupulous American retailers breaking street dates to sell the game early. Players who have received Halo 5 in advance have wasted no time in taking to the likes of Reddit’s Xbox One forum to post detailed desriptions of the game’s events.

However, the posts aren’t exactly playing fair for anyone who wants to experience Master Chief’s latest opus first hand. Rather than direct posts on the game (which would likely be removed), some are trying to trick people into seeing spoilers, with discussion posts bearing headings such as “what do you think of the current state of Xbox One?”.

Of course, it could be an elaborate trolling scheme but the focus on story spoilers lends it a shred of legitimacy. The online servers for the multiplayer component of the newest Halo likely won’t go live until day of release, which would explain the spoilers focusing on the solo campaign.

As for what’s officially known about the game, Halo 5 will follow a dual narrative as Master Chief pursues a more personal quest, and new spotlight hero Jameson Locke hunts him down for a perceived dereliction of duty.

It’s shaping up to be a more personal story than in some of the previous games, though the backdrop of interplanetary war should provide plenty of new things to shoot until they stop moving. You can read WIRED’s thoughts on the early sections of the game here.

WIRED has contacted Microsoft for comment on the alleged leaks, and will update this story accordingly.

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