Guess What Our Most-Read Article Of 2019 Was…

What were Londonist readers really into in 2019? Let’s take a look at the articles that got you most excited.

10. What Are The Most Popular New Baby Names In London, By Borough?

A few of you are in search of naming inspiration, it seems. You took to this article in your droves, and discovered, perhaps not surprisingly, that a certain former Peep Show actor seems to be lending her name to hospital-fuls of London babies. With The Crown Season 3 now on Netflix, we doubt the popularity of Olivia will waver much when 2019’s results come in.

9. Tube Map Shows The Cheapest Pint Near Every Tube Station

Tube map? Beer? Thriftiness? Who would have guessed this holy triumvirate would have got so many of you foaming at the mouth? Yeah OK, we pretty much called this one as soon as we hit ‘publish’. And where exactly IS the city’s cheapest pint? Let’s try and get a few more clicks out of this, shall we.

8. 18 London Buses That Take You Beyond The M25

You’re clearly an adventurous lot, because you seemed obsessed with our article about buses that venture into the here-be-dragons hinterlands of London outside of the M25. It’s not all fields and big Tescos either; turns out there’s some pretty cool stops on these routes.

7. A Controversy Is Brewing Over The ‘Bum Rests’ On Tube Trains…

Image: Shutterstock. Scribbling: Londonist

Impeachment hearings. Edwardian arch-villains sprawled out on the House of Commons benches. Probably something about Love Island. 2019 was a year steeped in controversy. But the controversy Londonist readers got most het up about was one involving the rules and regulations of bum rests on tube trains. Edge of seat stuff.

6. A Regular Steam Train Service Is Launching At Waterloo Station… And We’re Absolutely Chuffed!

We built up a head of steam to write this article about a season of vintage loco trips departing from Waterloo station in the summer. Later on, we got to take a ride on the Mayflower, too and can confirm that this news was well worth getting exhilarated about. Although we did get a bit puffed out writing all those terrible steam train puns.

5. Reading Is Now On The Tube Map

A late entry here, as we only published this article in December. But then, new stations added to the tube map are always an event of note. Particularly when the stations are on a new line that’s basically the Elizabeth line/Crossrail, (but is technically neither). Tease much, TfL?

4. Website ‘Celebrating’ Attractive Men On The Tube Plans To Start Doing The Same With Women

We jested about the bum rest controversy, but this feature we ran back in May, about a website that rates handsome commuters stoked some serious debate about our privacy rights on public transport. As far as we know, the female version of Tube Crush has still not seen the light.

3. Woo! Elizabeth Line Trains Will Run Between Reading And London From December

Crossrail again. But while 2019 confirmed to us that the Purple Train won’t be fully up and running until 2021, we sought solace in the announcement that Elizabeth line trains would start running between Reading and Paddington from December (and indeed, since then, they have). Again, they’re not technically Elizabeth line trains yet. But, damnit, we’ve earned the right to pretend they are.

2. London’s Most Stressful Tube Station Has Been Revealed

Image: Shutterstock

Arguably, the most stressful tube stations are those you have to siphon yourself into five days a week on the way to and from work. But in March, some semi-scientific research let on to which is “officially” the tube station that most makes Londoners want to punch something very hard. And it’s maybe not the station you’re thinking of.

1. A New Roof Garden Just Opened In The City Of London

Miracle of miracles — our most-read article of 2019 had nothing to do with trains or buses. February may have seemed an incongruous time of year to open a roof garden, but that didn’t stop a cascade of interest in The Garden at 120. The delightful pocket oasis situated halfway up One Fen Court in the City is free to visit, and offers the kind of views that make you realise why you go through what you do, to live in London. If you’ve not been up yet, make it one of your first ports of call in 2020.

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