Guess which animal this massive heart belongs to?

Guess which animal this massive heart belongs to? (Clue: It's blue)
Pretty big (Picture: Youtube/PBS)

Blue whales are big. If you didn’t know that you need to go back to school, or at least visit the Natural History Museum.

So it’s fair to assume their organs are fairly large as well.

As Jacqueline Miller, a mammalogy technician and the Royal Ontario Museum, will tell you, they are actually massive. Like, really massive.

The largest animal on planet Earth has a heart the size of a small car (the exact dimensions are 5ftx4ftx4ft).

And the old myth is true – a child could actually pass through one of the aortas.

Amazingly, despite having access to their organs, Jacqueline says blue whales ‘still hold anatomical secret from us’.

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