Hands-on with Adobe’s Slate storytelling app for iPad (Wired UK)


Adobe has launched Slate, a free iPad app that makes it easy to combine text and images into beautiful, scrollable stories that can be easily shared and published on the web.

The idea is that if you have a story you want to tell, you can bring the ideas and the photographs, and Adobe will do the rest. It offers elegant typography and themes, smooth, scrolling transitions and easy drag-and drop interface to arrange all of your content.

Adobe Slate is designed to sit alongside Voice — Adobe’s app for creating animated videos — in the company’s portfolio, and its appeal is likely to be broad. A Slate story is like a far less formal, far more beautiful of PowerPoint presentation. Adobe says it is targeting students, teachers, non-profits, small business, corporate employees and photographers with the software. We can imagine using it in a personal context too though. Your family’s Christmas newsletter will never be the same again.


Slate is available to download from today, but WIRED.co.uk had the chance to preview it ahead of its official launch. We created a story that shows off some of our favourite photographs and articles from the latest edition of WIRED magazine, which hits newsstands today (2 April).

Once we had all of the images we needed on our iPad, it couldn’t have been more simple to construct. You’re prompted to create an introduction with title and subtitle, and upload a cover photo. This can be pulled in from all sorts of sources, including Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom or your camera roll.

Scroll down and you can start inserting text — in three different sizes — images, links  or photo grids. It doesn’t matter what order you make it in either — in creation mode, little plus signs between each of the elements you’ve inserted allow you to insert more content there at any point you choose.

Inserting image in the most fun aspect of creating the story. There are various different ways in which you can present the pictures that allow you to fill the screen and change the ways captions are displayed over them. You can also pinpoint the most important areas of each photograph so that when the finished story adapts to different orientations and screen sizes you can control what will be most prominently displayed.

Our WIRED Slate Story, is almost like a mini magazine in its own right, and it couldn’t have been easier to make. We’ve chosen to share our story publicly, but you can also switch the share settings to private, should you only want specific people who you have shared it with to see it. There are a variety of sharing options, and you don’t need an iPad to view a story — it will open in any browser.

If you’ve got an iPad and fancy giving Slate a whirl, share your results with us via our Facebook page.

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2 April 2015 | 1:13 pm – Source: wired.co.uk


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