Still from the trailer for Trevor Paglen's upcoming Metro Pictures show.

Still from the trailer for Trevor Paglen’s upcoming Metro Pictures show.

Trevor Paglen’s photographs often seem very peaceful—until you realize that what you are looking at are very aestheticized views of surveillance technology. With a new exhibition of Paglen’s work coming to Metro Pictures in September, the Chelsea gallery has released a trailer that amps up the creep-out factor of the artist’s work.

The trailer is in line with what fans have come to expect from Paglen’s video- and film-based work. (Paglen also recently did some of the cinematography for Laura Poitras’s award-winning Edward Snowden documentary CITIZENFOUR.) A few static shots show pink and orange sunsets. A diver swims in slow-motion. A bird flies by bulbous-looking buildings. Meanwhile, the slowed-down sound of a dial tone plays. Like the rest of Paglen’s work, it is ominous, tense, and intriguing.The trailer for Paglen’s show, which opens at Metro Pictures on September 10, follows below.