Here’s a definitive ranking of nearly all the dog breeds in the world

Here's a definitive ranking of the world's dog breeds

It’s good news if you’re the owner of a Border Collie, a Border Terrier, a Labrador or a Poodle.

And it might be slightly disheartening if you’re the owner of a Bulldog, a Bloodhound, or a German Shepherd.

At least it is according to a new chart by data journalist David McCandless, which ranks 87 breeds of dog and compares them to the actual popularity of breeds in America.

The chart is split into four categories, ranging from ‘inexplicably overrated’ and ‘rightly ignored’, to the more favourable ‘hot dog’ and ‘overlooked treasures’.

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The ranking is based on factors including life expectancy, trainability, how much they’ll cost you over a lifetime, and how suitable they are for children.

Border Collies are at the very top of the chart and earn status of top dog.


Cocker Spaniels came trailing close behind.


Saint Bernards everywhere will be devastated to find they have been deemed ‘inexplicably overrated’. 

We still love you, big guy. 


Way out there at the peak of the ‘inexplicably overrated’ category is the Bulldog. 


While Pointers join Border Terriers in the ‘overlooked treasures’ category.






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