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People nowadays are realizing more that it pays to buy things that are made with higher-quality materials, and designed to last longer, whether it’s clothing or furniture. Some are calling it the “New Consumerism“, but we could also call it just plain old common sense — why be a slave to fashions that are arbitrarily changed by someone else? Why not just invest in something that will last longer for many years to come?

Brooklyn-based furniture company Casa Kids integrates this sustainable thinking into its designs for children’s furniture. In fact, their DUMBO desk (a nod to one of Brooklyn’s most famous artistic neighbourhoods, obviously) has been created for kids “to grow up with”, from 8 years of age, all the way to adulthood. Check out the video:

Introducing The DUMBO Desk from Casa Kids from Roberto Gil on Vimeo.

Created by architect and designer Roberto Gil, the DUMBO desk is inspired by the works of design masters and artists like Jean Prouvé, Piet Mondrian and Donald Judd.

In the Mondrian-inspired version, the combination of bright colours and shifting shapes makes for an impressive desk that looks like a command center for creativity — the company calls it the “ultimate workspace for the modern child”. It measures 84 inches across, meaning that there is oodles of space for displaying books, trophies and trinkets, as well as space for a computer or for making art, models, or tinkering. It also measures only 1 inch lower than the typical adult desk, meaning that it can very easily transition into the older years, especially if the toned down palettes of birch, walnut, and oak are selected. It could also be painted. To keep wires out of sight, there are rear wire holes and a hidden shelf under the desk.

Casa Kids© Casa Kids
Casa Kids© Casa Kids
Casa Kids© Casa Kids
Casa Kids© Casa Kids
Casa Kids© Casa Kids

Designing stuff to last longer and to be adaptable is part of resilient design, something that all makers need to think about, whether it’s making homes, communities or furniture. This custom-made desk doesn’t come cheap though: according to the website, it starts at USD $5,000 — but as the maxim goes, you get what you pay for, and this desk has been designed to not only be useful in childhood, but into adulthood as well. More over at Casa Kids.

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