Here’s the most popular beer of nearly every country on Earth

Here's the most popular beer of nearly every country on Earth
A map of the world according to each country’s favourite beer (Picture: Vinepair)

America loves a Bud Light, England enjoys a Carling, and Ireland adores a Guinness.

That’s according to a new map, which has revealed the most popular beers in every country.

The boozy map was made by alcohol website Vinepair, and there’s an extremely wide range of tipples on display.

Many countries have opted for a home-produced beverage, with Red Stripe lager being favoured in Jamaica, and polish lager Tyskie coming top in, you guessed it – Poland.

The map also shows  the tipples of choice in countries where alcohol is outlawed, with non-alcoholic beers such as ‘Moussy’ coming top in Saudi Arabia, while ‘Delster’ is the favoured drink in Iran.

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According to Vinepair, the map is based on data from Euromonitor and consumer records.

While the map is an interesting insight into international alcohol tastes, it could also prove handy the next time you’re thinking of trying a new pint.

Ours is a Taedonggang from North Korea, if you’re buying. Cheers!


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