Hidden Cash UK: Jason Buzi hides money in Kensington Gardens, London, after @HiddenCash Twitter clues

Treasure hunt for US tycoon’s hidden cash comes to UK
Hidden Cash UK: Sam Wilson celebrates finding money near the Peter Pan statue in Kensington (Picture: Twitter / @Heels_and_Ink)

Hundreds of Londoners have joined the hunt to find envelopes full of cash hidden at a secret location by an American billionaire.

They descended en masse on Kensington Gardens in west London this morning after Bunzi posted a series of cryptic clues on the @HiddenCash Twitter page.

Delighted treasure hunters tweeted pictures of them holding the envelopes that were concealed in bushes near the famous Peter Pan statue as part of the social experiment.

Sam Wilson, who found the first envelope containing £50, told the BBC: ‘There were a few people here, but everyone was looking in obvious places

‘I was just walking past a tree stump and thought that would be a good place to hide it and there it was.’

She added: ‘It’s a really good idea. A lot of people say he should give money straight to charity but he does that already so that’s not what this is about; it’s a fun game.

‘There were loads of people running around in the sunshine and there was a sense of community and adventure.’

Mr Buzi, who made his fortune buying and reselling homes, and who claims to be among America’s richest 1 per cent, said he was also considering whether to expand the game to the rest of the UK.

The real estate investor hit the headlines after hiding tens of thousands of dollars for people to find in the US and tweeting cryptic clues to the envelopes.

‘It’s just really fun, it’s fun to see how excited people get,’ he told ITV.

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21 June 2014 | 3:29 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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