Hiddencash_UK on Twitter: Anonymous businessman leaving envelopes filled with cash and money around UK including Manchester, Leeds and London

Twitter account giving clues to hidden cash comes to UK
One of the lucky finders in Manchester (Picture: Twitter)

The UK’s biggest treasure hunt is about to unfold as envelopes filled with cash have started turning up in our cities.

An anonymous businessman has been dropping wads of cash all over the UK in a ‘social experiment to help strangers’.

The unknown person has left envelopes containing £50 each in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, and at the time of writing is planning drops in London and Brighton.

Using Twitter to give clues about the next drop, @hiddencash_UK already has more than 18,000 followers.

The lucky finders of the money are asked to tweet a picture of their treasure trove using the hashtag ‘#cashtag’, and simply told to ‘pay it forward’.

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