HIV Virus Returns In ‘Cured’ Mississippi Girl

A US child thought to have been cured of HIV in what was hailed as a medical first is no longer in remission, health officials have said.

The child, known as the Mississippi baby, was born prematurely in a Mississippi clinic in 2010 to an HIV-infected mother.

Just earlier this year, doctors said the child seemed free of the virus despite not having been on Aids drugs for about two years.

The research spurred hopes that early treatment with powerful HIV drugs might reverse the infection.

But on Thursday, her doctors said new tests showed she is no longer in remission.

Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases, said: “Certainly, this is a disappointing turn of events for this young child, the medical staff involved in the child’s care and the HIV/AIDS research community.”

The unnamed child, now four years old, is back on treatment and responding well, doctors said.

She was the subject of a case study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last year.

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