Hope for Paws: Adorable dog Woody lives under a shed for a year after owner dies

A dog whose owner died remained under a nearby shed for a year in the hope someone would come and rescue him.

Uploaded by Eldad Hagar, the video explains that, after his owner passed away and the family left him behind after selling the house, Woody was forced to live under a shed, surviving on food and water left out by neighbours.

Fortunately, Woody was found by the Hope for Paws animal rescue team, who used a hoop on the end of a stick to pull the terrified mutt from his hiding spot.

Woody the dog lives under shed for a year after owner dies
Woody lived under the shed for a year (Picture: Eldad Hagar/YouTube)

The team took him to their shelter, where they gave him a thorough and much-needed wash and haircut.

Staff member Lisa Chiarelli agreed to foster Woody, but they are currently looking for someone to take the dog on full time.

Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal organisation who rescue dogs and other animals living in the street.

Eldad reminds pet owners at the end of the clip to include their pets in their will ‘to ensure they have a loving place to go’.

(Picture: Eldad Hagar/YouTube)
The difference in Woody’s appearance is staggering after being rescued and looked after (Picture: Eldad Hagar/YouTube)

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