Hospital Accused Of ‘Abandoning’ Dying Mother

The family of a 45-year-old mother have released a shocking image which they say shows her curled up in agony after she was “abandoned” by medics at a hospital linked to a series of scandals.

Margaret Lamberty’s family say they plan to sue theUniversity Hospital of North Staffordshire, alleging that doctors and nurses failed to diagnose her treatable condition and then did not respond to her calls for help.

The grandmother-of-eight died of multiple organ failure triggered by blood clots in her bowel on April 30 after collapsing at her home in Stoke-on-Trent.

Her daughter Laura, 28, said the family repeatedlywarned doctors Mrs Lamberty had a history of blood clots when she was admitted to the hospital with chronic stomach painsthree days earlier.

Laura said doctors overlooked their warnings and failed to conduct the correct tests.

“My mum was failed by the doctors and the nurses. She was abandoned in a side room while she died in agonising pain,” Laura said.

“It was horrific for her and the worst thing I have ever had to see. We told the doctors over and over again she suffered from blood clots but they simply ignored us.

“We are determined to get justice for mum and find out the truth about what happened. No one should go through what she did.”

Her family claim that in the days before her death she was left in blood-stained sheets for 24 hours and forced to wait half an hour for a nurse after buzzing for help.

Laura, from Chell Heath, Stoke-on-Trent, said she took the pictures of her mother lying on the hospital floor to show doctors how much pain she was in.

She said : “Before she was admitted to hospital, mum was fit and healthy.

“But then she was cradling her stomach in a ball on the floor, she was in so much pain. She has been taken from us and we want to know why.

“I just wish the doctors would have taken her seriously and then maybe she would still be here.”

The mother-of-four’s death is the latest in a series of scandals to hit the 400mhospital.

Last November 81-year-old Lillian Baddeley’s family alleged she died after catching four superbugs at the hospital.

Several months earlier an inquest heard how two premature babies died due to a “breakdown in hand hygiene” at the hospital.

According to NHS whistleblower Julie Bailey, Mrs Lamberty’s case is not unique in the UK medical system.

Mrs Bailey, whohas set up campaign group Cure The NHS, said: “Time and time again patients are not being listened to.

“Very often patients, and their families, know what is wrong with them but medics do not listen to them.

“Too many times we see medics dismissing patients concerns and failing to listen to what they are saying.

“It is appalling that this family felt so desperate they were forced to take a picture of their mother in such terrible pain.”

Mrs Lamberty’s family have now submitted a letter of complaint to the hospital

A spokesman for the University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust told Sky News: “The Trust attempted to contact the family of Mrs Lamberty earlier this month. We recently received correspondence from Mrs Lamberty’s family and we will again be attempting to contact them to discuss their concerns.

“The Trust would like to offer its sincere condolences to Mrs Lamberty’s family.”

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