With the first quarter of the year now in the past, Skate’s Art Market Research has taken a look back at how art fairs have fared. The short answer: most reported either flat attendance or a modest increase. As usual, Arco Madrid led the tally with 100,000 visitors, an 8.7 percent increase over last year. The biggest gainer by percentage, though, was the Affordable Art Fair, which had a nearly 46 percent jump in traffic. The right side of the graph shows the number of exhibitors that fairs chose to include, a number that fluctuates year to year as directors tweak their fairs and galleries decide how to allocate their resources. Intriguingly, there seems to be little direct correlation between a shift in the number of galleries in a fair and the change in its visitor totals. Skate’s has more analysis of its data, arguing that the slowed growth in attendance compared to previous years is attributable to the rise of digital platforms.

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