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We love transformer furniture that serves multiple functions. We also love the idea of working from home, but sometimes just don’t know when to quit. It can be hard, especially if you don’t have the space to devote a room to work and have to share it with other functions. Designer Jonathan Odom solves the problem with his desk, which transforms into a working bar. That certainly signifies the end of a hard day’s work.

He describes it on Instructables:

The design includes a cork-backed wall at the back of the desk that pivots on wooden dowel posts on the sides of the desk. Simply pull the desk away from the wall, fold down the back wall, and it becomes a bar with seating for 3 at stools. A trough at the back of the desk (hidden by the bar top when it’s down) has room for 20+ bottles, a shelf for bar wear, and a recessed nook for an ice bucket or cutting board.

piano drawerJonathan Odom/CC BY 2.0

When he republished it on Bored Panda, he showed a later addition: a drawer with a piano.

happydeksJonathan Odom/CC BY 2.0

This, I believe, is a fundamental design flaw. You want the piano to be accessible from the other side in entertainment mode, so that you can play the piano like Billy Joel, while your guests sit at the bar and put bread in your jar, and ask man, what are you doing here.

liquorJonathan Odom/CC BY 2.0

Although he would have to find another place to put all the liquor if the piano was there…
happy desk designJonathan Odom/CC BY 2.0

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