How To Expand Your Mind No Matter What Type You Have

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to expand your mind, understand the flow of your thoughts, or learn to truly know yourself, Sean Suddes’ insight into how to do so is invaluable.

Marc Angelo and Sean Suddes discuss Expanded Consciousness — a media platform dedicated to teaching people the mental skills necessary for expanding your mind and going beyond the mundane.

As he says, “I knew even at my darkest points that the only way I could fix me was through myself, through self-empowerment,” and he hopes that through Expanded Consciousness and appearances on podcasts like this to be able to help people discover the tools inside of themselves to overcome adversity and expand their own minds as well.

We’ve all struggled with our minds. Whether we’re overwhelmed with emotion, or struggling to solve a complex problem, we do not have to be at war with our minds.

If we can learn to expand our minds and uncover the true powers within — to be happy despite our circumstance, to revolt against the traditions that hold us back, and to overcome our own inhibitions — we can become fulfilled individuals. A powerful discussion of the power of the mind and the value in bringing a group together with mutual consciousness — this podcast is well worth a listen. Make a cup of tea, do some breathing exercises, and tune in!

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Main Questions

  • Where did this come out, what got Expanded Consciousness started? [2:00]
  • What do you attribute your ability to be the observer to? [12:00]
  • How do you channel your inner superhero to expand your mind as much as possible? [44:25]

Key Points Made by Marc Angelo and Sean Suddes

Sean witnessed the economic downturn and was looking into the corruption that caused that recession, which was his rabbit hole into questioning a whole range of presuppositions about the world. His battle with depression turned that questioning mindset to probing expanded consciousness. [5:00]

Through his studies, Sean started to see how he could begin to change his mental habits and begin to define his own identity apart from those thoughts. [10:00]

For Marc, his ability to be present in the moment and to really observe his reality comes through mindfulness: feeling out his body, consciously addressing his posture, the atmosphere in the room, the feeling of the floor beneath him. [12:30]

Sean delved into self-reflection and contemplation, while reconnecting with his past through the island he had been born on. Isolation in nature was a powerful transformative force for him. [13:10]

The power of nature cannot be undersold. To separate ourselves from nature is to disconnect us from ourselves and the cycle we’re a part of. [18:15]

There comes to be a point of explosion, where something inside burns for something new and frequently that’s when you just get started, not always even with any idea of what you’re starting. [23:00]

If you’re looking for the perfect moment to expand your consciousness and mind, to discover yourself, stop. The time is now, and everything you hope to see perfectly, will only become perfect by your taking control of the moment. [25:50]

A lot of self-discovery can come from throwing yourself out of your comfort zone. Go traveling, make it uncomfortable, and experience your hero’s journey. [35:00]

We wonder why everyone is so stressed all the time, but people become so encapsulated by work rhythms, to the point where many Americans don’t even take their full two week vacations, and it’s simply unsustainable. [40:00]

Meditate, feel what comes natural, research, observe the world, and change your inner self. Your breath is the easiest connection between your conscious and subconscious expanded mind. [44:30]

When a community really starts to form around your actions, and you see those results and you see the way your passion infects other people, it can become a very consuming obsession. [55:00]

Just like how a few bad cells can ruin a body, so we are cells to the body of the planet. All things are connected, and learning to see things from all perspectives, even those that disagree with you,  can help you promote health in the planet. [59:00]

Powerful Quotes

“I knew even at my darkest point that the only way I could fix me was through myself, through self-empowerment.” — Sean Suddes [11:45]

“As our society kind of retreats behind the computer screen and into our little kind of cages in a weird way… we sometimes get disconnected from the world around us, from nature.” — Marc Coppola [16:00]

“You can be a fountain and constantly pour out positive energy for others, or you can be a cup, constantly looking for a fountain from which to drink.” — Marc Coppola [43:50]

“For me, meditation has become instead of this hour here and hour there thing, more of a life practice.” — Sean Suddes [49:50]


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