How To Get Visa For ICC World Cup 2015 AUS & NZ

Australia world cup VISA requirements

Next installment of 50 over cricket world cup will be taking place in Australia and New Zealand and governments of both countries has made the visa process alot easier for Asian Cricket fans like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other south asian countries.

If you are going to get a Australian Visa for world cup you will be able to use the same visa for New Zealand as well for the period during world cup 2015 and its same goes for New Zealand visa holders will be able to travel to Australia.

How To get the Visiting VISAS for ICC Cricket World Cup ?

To apply for the Aussie visa you can use the official website of border control australia website ( which has all the information you need to prepare yourself before you go ahead and apply. There is a big possibility that Australia will introduce a speical cricket Visa for the duration of world cup but the details of such entry system is not released yet.

Australian Immigration & Visas Website –

  • New Zealand Visa from Pakistani and Indian Nationals:

Pakistan, Indians and other Asian country nations should take a look at the following official guide from New Zealand border control before they apply for Visa.

Pakistan nationals can use the services of ( ) to get more info and send their completed documents to UAE New Zealand Embassy.

Requirments of Visit Visa to New Zealand ?

  1. Properly filled application for Visa Visa (available at )
  2. Purpose of Visit (in this case attending a sports event 2015 world cup)
  3. Showing financial means
  4. Bought Tickets for world cup matches
  5. Return Flights
  6. Letter from employer for holidays
  7. Application fee (around $300)

TSMPLUG’S Guide to get through Visa Process Smoothly:

Here is a small guide to Pakistani and Indian cricket fans to make sure you get the VISA in time for 2015 world cup.

  1. Choose a country between Australia or New Zealand where you would like to apply for Visa. (New Zealand visa is a lot cheaper than Australian one)
  2. Buy tickets for atleast 1 world cup match online at ( ), or you can buy Follow your team ticket pass which will let you follow ever match of your team as long as they survive in the competition.
  3. Get a letter from your employer in home country for the holidays (for the dates you will be traveling) plus any other document which shows that you will be returning back to your country before your visa is expired. (these cane be economic reasons like Job, Bussiness and Assets etc.
  4. Buy flight tickets including return tickets which will be needed to support your visa application.
  5. Get bank statements showing that you have enough money to support yourself during yourstay.
  6. Download and fill the application form (it is available at ) and for Australian Visa ( )

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