how to see the rare planetary alignment (Wired UK)

Venus, Mars and Jupiter are about to align in a rare formation


Venus, Jupiter and Mars are set to align this week in a rare formation that won’t be seen again until January 2021.

The planets are not any closer together, but their position in the sky means they will appear aligned to the Earth. The grouping is random, with each planet carrying out its own orbit of the Sun. 

The brightest, largest planet will be Venus, with Jupiter and Mars 12 and 250 times dimmer respectively.

The planets will be visible in the dawn sky until the first week of November. And you don’t even need a telescope to see it as they will be visible with the naked eye, although binoculars and telescopes can be used to see the formation more clearly. 

The best time to see the planets will be just before sunrise, in the eastern sky.

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