Huge Mexican tarantula found in Wales park


*Gulp*: Huge Mexican tarantula found in Wales park
Urgh, don’t touch it! (Picture: Media Wales)

We don’t know why a huge Mexican tarantula was found wandering around a park in South Wales.

But we can only assume spiders have conspired to commit mass identity fraud and fooled UK Border Force with fake passports.

And if we can’t trust the Home Office to detect Mexican tarantulas crossing the border, who can we trust? It’s only a matter of time before Canadian rabbits slip into the country and take our jobs….I digress.

This monster of a spider was found in Maesteg and seized by council officials in what must have been the most exciting day ever to be a council official.

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Wildlife expert Dr Rhys Jones, from Cardiff University, for advice, and a more plausible explanation on how it got there.

He said: ‘It is unlikely that the spider would have travelled from distance, given the cold spring temperatures and the proximity of local houses.

‘The surrounding habitat offered little interest or cover for that species of spider, given that it mainly consists of large open fields which are patrolled by many aerial predators, including gulls and crows.

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‘These birds would have easily spotted this tropical spider and, given half a chance, would have eaten her.

‘All things considered, the spider had a very lucky escape before a bird or cat killed it.’

He added if the spider bit, the symptoms would be similar to that of a bee sting.

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