Hundreds of Tube staff earn more than £100,000

Hundreds of Tube staff earn more than £100,000
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More than 325 Transport for London staff earned more than £100,000 last year, it was revealed.

Bosses said the increase – up from 298 workers on six-figure deals the previous year – was due to recruiting specialist staff as part of the Tube modernisation programme.

A TfL spokesman said: ‘In addition, existing project staff who earn a base salary of less than £100,000 have worked additional overtime as work to modernise the Tube has stepped up, taking their total remuneration to over £100,000.’

London mayor Boris Johnson said the work was ‘essential to meet the challenge of huge population growth’ and a ‘phenomenal pace of change’.

But at a time when 900 ticket hall staff are facing redundancy and pension cuts and pay freezes have been imposed on other staff, union leaders reacted with anger.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said it was ‘simply outrageous old Etonian Boris is applying a ‘‘them and us’’ philosophy to a public sector organisation running transport across the capital’.

The report showed the number of Crossrail staff receiving a total remuneration of more than £100,000 was 40 in 2013/14 compared with 30 in 2012/13.

TfL said: ‘Both programmes are among the biggest capital investments in Europe and required the employment of further highly qualified engineers and project specialists to carry out the work.’

The base pay of TfL commissioner Sir Peter Hendy and most chief officers was frozen for a fifth consecutive year.

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