Hungarian Sculptor Defends Nazi Occupation Memorial

Budapest in 1946.  COURTESY WIKIPEDIA

Budapest in 1946.


Peter Parkanyi Raab, the sculptor behind Budapest’s new monument to the victims of the Nazi occupation, defended his work to The Wall Street Journal today.

Critics of the monument say that it downplays Hungary’s role in Nazi atrocities, since it depicts a German eagle snatching “the mound of Hungary”—presumably a symbol of Hungary though that’s not explained in the story—out of the Archangel Gabriel’s hand.

Not so, said Parkanyi Raab. From The Journal:

“The key element is the mound falling off from Gabriel’s hand,” said the sculptor. “Hungary’s responsibility appears in the composition there, it didn’t keep silent about that. With his eyes closed, our heavenly patron is inactive, lets the occupation take place and all the horrors happen that came afterward,” Mr. Parkanyi Raab said.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

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