‘I drew that 100-foot penis by accident,’ Welsh farmer claims

'I drew that 100-foot penis by accident,' Welsh farmer claims
A farmer has claimed that he drew a majestic, 100-foot penis by accident while mowing the heather (Picture Cascade) 

A farmer has admitted to drawing an enormous, 100-foot penis whose startling shaft became a worldwide sensation – but claims it was largely an accident.

The vast member emerged in all its majesty from the snow in Denbighshire in February, over the A525 to Wrexham near Llandegla.

Locals said that the gigantic, proud male organ had finally put Llandegla on the map.

Now a local farmer has claimed that he created the massive chopper almost by accident

Llyr Jones, 35, had been cutting heather on a Welsh hillside when he realised that by chance he’d formed part of the shape of a phallus, and decided to finish the job.

Nobody noticed until snow fell last November, highlighting the outline of his 100ft penis.

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The heather had grown too high and to help them with their breeding we cut squares out of it,’ said Llyr.

‘As I was doing this the hill was getting too steep and I turned back on myself. When I looked back I thought to myself that what I had cut looked like a penis so I decided to finish the job. I would say it took about a minute to do. I was going out with some friends in Wrexham the next night and I thought it would be funny to show it to them as we passed.’

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6 May 2015 | 9:43 am – Source: metro.co.uk


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