IBM brings big data analytics to the cloud

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IBM has added its Concert decision-support and collaboration tool to the IBM Cloud Marketplace as it continues to enhance its cloud offerings for enterprises.

Available over the web and on a range of mobile devices, Concert is designed to help business users to make better decisions and collaborate with peers. Using personalised task lists, the tool walks users through projects step by step to highlight important, time-sensitive tasks and improve efficiency.

Concert also lets users share relevant data and analysis, and collaborate on decisions, all of which are key to business decisions makers, said Alistair Rennie, general manager for business analytics at IBM.

“Analytics can improve almost any business process – what products to make, what risks to take, which customers to target and how to make them stay. But to maximise impact, analytics also needs to be available to all the people making decisions, wherever they are,” he said.

“By offering these new solutions in the cloud, IBM is helping organisations drive stronger employee engagement and gain real-time insight into how their business is performing.”

IBM Concert is on the IBM Cloud Marketplace now and the firm is showing it off at its Vision customer event in Florida.

Also new from IBM is a preview of Project Catalyst, something that the firm said would make analytics a more automated process. It said that this could be used by organisations to assess the performance of marketing efforts, for example, without having to wait for a fuller study. It added that this would offer “plain language” and “interactive visuals”.

Risk management toolbox OpenPages is lined up as a managed service on IBM SoftLayer, and again IBM said that users would find this a flexible and reliable addition to the enterprise.

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