IBM shares threat intelligence data in the cloud

IBM is sharing threat data in the cloud

IBM has launched X-Force Exchange, a software network designed to allow for the exchange of tools and intelligence about cyber threats, offering access to a “vast library of security intelligence”.

The system contains over 700TB of raw aggregated data drawn from a catalogue of every vulnerability recorded. This includes information based on the monitoring of over 15 billion security events daily, 270 million endpoints, 25 billion web pages and images, eight million spam and phishing attacks, and one million malicious IP addresses.

IBM announced the open beta of the service earlier this year, and claims to have some support already.

“The IBM X-Force Exchange platform will foster collaboration on a scale necessary to counter the rapidly rising and sophisticated threats that companies are facing from cyber criminals,” said Brendan Hannigan, general manager for IBM Security.

“We’re taking the lead by opening up our own deep and global network of cyber threat research, customers, technologies and experts.

“By inviting the industry to join our efforts and share their own intelligence, we’re aiming to accelerate the formation of the networks and relationships we need to fight hackers.”

IBM uses the X-Force Exchange information already, and reported in March that some one billion personal records were stolen last year thanks to lax security prevention and protection.

The company said that the most efficient way to defend against such threats is to share information and create mutual awareness.

IBM explained that, while the criminal element looks to itself for advice and assistance, the business community is far less open.

“Though hackers have mobilised, their targets have not. For the first time, organisations can directly interact with IBM’s security analysts and researchers, as well as their industry peers, to validate findings and expose them to other companies fighting cyber crime,” IBM said.

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