IBM SoftLayer adds configurable Block Storage and File Storage options for Cloud Servers

SoftLayer customers get new storage options for cloud applications

IBM’s SoftLayer cloud division has added new storage options for customers of its Cloud Servers, offering the ability to choose not only the desired capacity but also specify the performance level to match their application requirements.

Available immediately, the new Block Storage and File Storage services can be connected up to both bare metal and virtual servers deployed as part of the SoftLayer cloud, and are based on an architecture that combines solid state drives (SSDs) and enterprise-grade spinning disks to deliver both performance and capacity.

Both Block Storage volumes and File Storage shares provide a minimum level of enterprise-grade performance and data durability as standard, according to SoftLayer storage product manager Michael Fork.

“What’s common across both is that they are durable and resilient, and are designed to protect the integrity of your data, maintain availability of your data and your volumes through maintenance events and unplanned failures, without the need for operating system level Raid. It means you can rely on this storage,” he said.

Beyond that, Block Storage and File Storage are both available in Endurance grade or a Performance grade according to their application requirements, with different tiers available for those.

Endurance grade is aimed at workloads that require the highest level of data durability, and is offered in three performance tiers of 0.25, 2 or 4 IOPS (input/output operations per second) for each gigabyte of storage. Total performance is thus determined by size, with Block Storage volumes or File Storage shares available from 20GB to 12TB at a starting price of $0.15 per GB.

“The entry grade of 0.25 IOPS per GB, that’s really for cases where you have a lot of data and only a small amount of that is accessed at any given time, like a departmental level file share,” Fork said.

Endurance grade is backed by the ability to take non-disruptive snapshots, plus replication to another SoftLayer data centre for disaster recovery purposes, Fork added.

With Performance grade, customers can choose their desired performance level independent of size. Capacities are again from 20GB to 12TB, but customers can choose from 100 to 6,000 IOPS, with prices starting at $0.10 per GB and $0.12 per IOP, according to SoftLayer.

“This gives you the ultimate control over price and performance. If you have a well understood workload, maybe a database that’s small but heavily utilised, Performance is the perfect place to be,” Fork said.

The new Block Storage and File Storage services are available from SoftLayer cloud data centres globally.

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