The director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, Amy Sadao, announced today that Daniel W. Dietrich II has donated $10 million to the ICA’s curatorial program. His gift is the largest in the museum’s history, almost doubling its total endowment and “guarantees multi-year curatorial research and exhibition development opportunities…[allowing] ICA’s curators and artists wide latitude to engage with what is difficult and daring; to investigate unknown territories, new exhibition strategies, and alternative presentations; and to take invaluable risks,” according to a press release.

Dietrich has been a longtime supporter of the museum, and led a capital campaign in 2005 by endowing the Daniel W. Dietrich II position now occupied by Sadao. Regarding the gift, Sadao commented, “There is no truer or more courageous arts patron than Dan.”

In a statement, Dietrich said, “It is important for ICA to take risks and probe things that curatorially have not been possible before. The time aspect of research and building relationships with artists is enormous and the trajectory is as long as it takes. That is the whole purpose, the spirit of this, that sense of exploration out into space for what we don’t know.”