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Actually, it is not such a bad idea, this giant desk that supports all kinds of uses. A lot of offices look more like coffee shops these days, trying to promote interaction and collegiality. Teknion, the big office furniture company, calls it the Community Table. They explain:

In today’s human-centered workplace, a new trend is emerging. Large, shared community tables are appearing in office lobbies and reception areas, corporate cafes and open work areas. Teknion’s community table is designed to be in tune with these human needs and modern workstyles. A model of simple, straightforward design, the table’s substantial proportions make it a focal point for any space, an architectural anchor that invites interaction.

But in the video, it is so scary and so contrived. People working; people throwing paper airplanes; people playing chess.

Fika© Snøhetta/via MNN

Now I have raved about the offices of Norwegian architects Snøhetta, where everyone works and dines at a giant table in the middle of their offices. And I have often made the case that open offices are more flexible, adaptable and green.
But I worry about the idea of a “community desk.” While it is true that many of us don’t need anything but our notebook computer to work, and even joking that soon we will all be working on our phones, that your office is in your pants.

But this seems a bit too…communal. What do you think?

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19 August 2016 | 5:02 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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