If you think you have a lot of willpower you’re likely to lead a happier life, research finds

If you think you have a lot of willpower you're likely to lead a happier life, research finds
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Do you consider yourself to have a lot of willpower?

If you do, chances are you’re happy with life.

According to a study called ‘Implicit theories about willpower predict subjective well-being’, people who felt they had low willpower experienced a a drop in well-being when they faced increasingly big demands.

Two similar sets of research came to the same inclusion.

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In one, 250 people with an average age of 39 who used internet forums to talk about stress were surveyed. In another, university students were quizzed on their level of willpower and happiness at the start and end of an academic year, and those who reported low willpower reacted more negatively to the exam period.

‘A [non-limited] theory about willpower encourages people to successfully strive for and make progress towards personally meaningful goals,’ said the authors of the study, which was published on the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog.

The researchers ruled out variables such as generally optimism or pessimism in having an effect on this link.

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28 September 2015 | 8:04 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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