Indiana teenager Jason Moran missing and two others Michael Chadbourne and Sarah Mclevish in critical condition after tragic swimming accident at Big Blue River, Indiana

Teen missing and others critical after tragic swimming accident
Rescue teams are still searching for missing 17-year-old Jason Moran (Picture: AP)

A teenager is missing and two others are in a critical condition in hospital after a swimming outing in Indiana’s Big Blue River took a turn for the worst.

A group of friends from Franklin, Indiana, were swimming on Friday when a strong current swept Sarah Mclevish, 16, over the Edinburgh dam and trapped her.

The others attempted to rescue her but were also overwhelmed by the force of the water.

Jet Quillen, conservation officer for the Indiana department of natural resources, said one of the group, 17-year-old Jason Moran, was still missing.

‘We don’t know if he’s still in there or if he got carried downstream,’ he said.

‘We’re holding out hope that we’ll find him alive but at this point, we’re in recovery mode.’

Miss Mclevish and Michael Chadbourne, also 16, were in a critical condition in IU methodist hospital after being pulled to safety by passersby and given CPR.

Trent Crabb, 17, and Mark Nally, 18, were able to swim back to shore on their own.

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