Innocent man Michael Hanline who ate burger after 36 years gets a year’s worth of burgers for free

You wait ages for a burger… and then as many as you want come along.

A fast food restaurant has given free burgers for a year to the man who paid them a visit following his release from prison 36 years after being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

Wrongfully-convicted Michael Hanline sunk his teeth into a burger at a branch of Carl’s Jr. after the California Innocence Project saw him released from jail in footage that has since gone viral.

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Innocent man who ate burger after 36 years gets a year's worth of burgers for free
You wait ages for a burger… (Picture: YouTube/California Innocence Project)

And Carl’s Jr. have now given Mr. Hanline a ‘free burgers for a year’ pass, meaning he can tuck in whenever he wants.

‘Michael, thank you for choosing Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s,’ they wrote in a tweet.

‘Hope you enjoyed it. Here’s a few more.’

The California Innocence Project replied to the tweet by saying that ‘Mike was thrilled to hear about the free burgers!’

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