Internet of Things Definitive Guide for iOS, Android goes live

Internet of Things Definitive Guide in conjunction with Intel

V3 has teamed up with Intel to produce a free Internet of Things Definitive Guide available for the iPhone and iPad, Android devices and also on the web.

The term Internet of Things (IoT) has been around as a term for about 15 years, with its origins in barcodes and radio frequency identity (RFID) tags, and evolving via near-field communications and QR codes. But it’s the rise of smart devices, machine to machine (M2M) and wearable technology, which will see the IoT come into its own as the era of everything connected.

The technology has now developed into a price point to allow tiny sensors or identifiers to be applied to millions of devices, whether that’s stock on a shop floor, internet-connected thermostats, smart glasses or connected cars.

Internet of Things revolution

With the proliferation of such devices there are numerous benefits available for organisations and individuals: Worried you’re not well? Just monitor your heart rate with your mobile phone. Want the house to be warm on your arrival on a cold winter’s day? Just send a message to your heating system via your tablet. Want to fix a machine before it breaks down? Track its efficiency in real-time.

Of course this new era of connected machines poses many questions around the security implications, how everything will connect together and the tools needed to harness all the data churned out.

Internet of Things security app feature

The Internet of Things Definitive Guide provides in-depth insight on these various topics, with expert comment from those at the front line, to ensure your business and IT department is ready to take advantage of this revolution in technology.

Make sure you download the free Internet of Things Definitive Guide for the iPhone and iPad, Android devices and the web. And stay tuned, because there are three more Definitive Guides to come, all covering key business technology topics.

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