iOS 8 slows iPhone 4S, incurring Apple forum fury

iPhone 4S struggles with iOS 8

Apple’s support forums are awash with users complaining the iPhone 4S suffers from poor performance when upgraded to iOS 8, with many users warning that the software slowed their devices when compared with iOS 7.

Other problems noted with the upgrade included software instability, battery drain and increased handset temperature.

Forum user The Fersh warned iPhone 4S owners to avoid iOS 8: “Don’t upgrade to iOS 8 if you have an iPhone 4S, it’s unstable on this model, drains your battery and the temperature inside goes up!”

Fellow poster Rsohailr went on to detail more problems encountered with the 4S: “Could not open Safari, phone hangs up. Have to reboot again and again.”

These comments extended beyond the forums and onto Twitter, where frustrated owners of the older iPhone vented their frustration.

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