iOS 9 now live for iPhones and iPads, over 10 percent adoption already

Over 10 percent of iPhones and iPads have upgraded to iOS 9

Apple’s iOS 9 update is now available to download for iPhones and iPads, bringing several changes and enhancements.

The iOS 9 update works on the iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up, all iPad Mini models and fifth- and sixth-generation iPod Touch devices.

It appears that interest in the new version of iOS is high. Data from Mixpanel shows that over 10 percent of iOS devices have moved in under 24 hours since it was launched.

Meanwhile, Sky said that data on its network showed that around five percent of the firm’s entire network traffic at one point was associated with the iOS update, which Sky said suggests that 500,000 to one million updated to iOS 9 via its network.

The launch of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on 25 September will no doubt see the share of the market for iOS 9 rocket as they will run iOS 9 out of the box.

iOS 9 is more of an evolution of iOS 8 and the flat, parallax-infused design language established with iOS 7 in 2013.

However, iOS 9 does add new features to Apple’s mobile operating system. These include improved battery life, bolstered security, context-aware search, and a reduced file size to make installing the operating system an easier process for devices upgrading from iOS 8.

Key features include a smarter version of Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, which gains a new user interface and the ability to be more proactive when handling the one billion requests it receives every week.

Siri is able to deal with requests in a more contextual way, making suggestions based on a user’s location or what is currently on the screen of an iPhone or iPad.

One example of this is asking Siri to remind a user of a website when they get home, for which it would use location data to carry out the request.

The new iOS also gives the native Maps app an overhaul, adding a new subset feature called Transit that provides specific information on public transport.

Enterprise users of iPads can also rejoice at the addition of split-screen multitasking for iPads which, as one would expect, allows two applications to be squeezed on a single screen.

To make installing iOS 9 more practical, it has been given the ability to delete apps then reinstall them automatically to make updating from iOS 8 a smoother process.

V3 has an interactive guide to help Apple device users get to grips with iOS 9. To find out more about the features packed into iOS 9, check out V3‘s round up of the top 12 iOS 9 features.

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