iPhone 6 pictured alongside Galaxy S5 : Tech Digest

Wondering how the iPhone 6 will square up to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5? You’re in luck as the two have been pictured together.


The above photo, which was obtained by GSM Arena and shows how the iPhone 6 will still be thinner, and in its smaller model will still have a smaller screen – 4.6″ to the S5’s 5.1″. (Though an iPhone 6 phablet, with a 5.5″ screen is rumoured too).

I guess the other big takeaway from this is that we can basically take the design of the iPhone 6 as a given now we’ve seen it everywhere. And as we know about iOS8 too… what could Apple possibly do to surprise us?

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17 June 2014 | 10:10 am – Source:techdigest.tv

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