iPhone 6 to feature light-up Apple logo to alert for incoming texts?

The iPhone 6 could feature an Apple logo that will light up when you have unread text messages and emails, it has emerged.


For your iPhone 6 rumour du jour we today turn to Uswitch, which has worked with reliable leaker Sonny Dickson to uncover what it claims is an iPhone 6 rear panel.

What appears to be new is rather than the back of the case be solid plastic, there’s a hole where the Apple logo usually sits – covered in plastic thin enough that a light could shine through.


The speculation is that this could mean that it could be used for alerts. For example, when you receive a text or an email the icon could glow – which would mean you can tell there is something waiting for you even if your iPhone is face down.

Of course, we should heavily caveat this that this is speculation layered on top of a photo of unknown origin… but Dickson has credibility as a leaker, so this is a very interesting photo indeed.

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