Iranian Hackers ‘Used Facebook To Target US’

Iranian hackers have used fake social network profiles to wage an unprecedented three-year campaign against US military and political leaders, a report claims.

Security firm iSight Partners said hackers targeted a four-star US Navy admiral, as well as politicians and ambassadors.

Some individuals in Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq were also reportedly targeted.

The hackers allegedly used a sophisticated confidence trick, posing as genuine social network users to make ties with friends and family members of their targets.

After gaining the trust of the targets, they would eventually send links to them which had the ability to compromise computer systems, potentially exposing sensitive information.

iSight said it could not say what data had been compromised, although company vice president Tiffany Jones said: “If it’s been going on for so long, clearly they have had success.

“This campaign is not loud. It is low and slow. They want to be stealth. They want to be under the radar.”

The hackers reportedly created six personas which made it appear as though the users worked for a news website.

They then created eight other personas, with the users purporting to work for defence contractors.

A spokesman for Facebook said it had removed all of the fake profiles, while Twitter declined to comment.

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