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At this yr’s Brit Awards, Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, used his acceptance speech for Best Album of the Year to announce that “rock n roll won’t ever die.” He then threw the mic he was utilizing down on the ground and mumbled “bill me for the mic should you wanna.”
But what’s modified? Why this vanity? In a sea of pop and digital oriented music at this yr’s Brit Awards, Alex Turner was not behaving just like the savior of rock n roll, however appeared to be referencing Spinal Tap.

Brit Awards 2014

Rock n roll, like all subcultures of music, has its personal angle and sense of insurrection. But why does this all really feel like a parody of what as soon as was? Alex’s microphone stunt feels as outdated as Pete Doherty’s trilby.
If the Arctic Monkey’s model of rock n roll revolt feels stale, the place is youth subculture truly occurring?

Recently, NYC-based mostly DJ, Venus X, used her twitter account to slam Rihanna, stating: ‘I work so arduous for some dumb business intercourse slave b*tch to return acquire all of the cash and credit score for my model?’ She went on to say that she was quitting DJing and shutting down her night time GHE20GOTH1K, which had been operating since 2009.
If you’ve got seen any footage of Rihanna from the previous yr, you may discover that her stylist has been mixing eighty’s goth with early ninety’s hip hop. That is principally the “ghetto gothic” look that Venus X believes she invented – assume hip-hop goth. All that is fairly re-hashed. However, discover the velocity at which pop stars are choosing up on youth subculture and promoting it again to individuals.

Rihanna – Instagram

The web is superb in its capability to democratize info. However, subcultures are usually not given the time to develop naturally, so earlier than you already know it, the brand new subgenre of music you simply found on the web or in a membership is on a Sunday Times “going up this week” record and is being bought again to your grandmother.

To offer you an instance, Trap music caught on in an enormous method in 2013. However, as shortly as subgenres of music occur, they disappear. Katy Perry’s 2013 monitor ‘Dark Horse’, which options a component of Trap music, spelt its demise. Music subculture should retain its credibility for younger individuals to have an interest.

Subcultures are important actions for empowering younger individuals and creating change in society, particularly in a rustic the place college tuition charges are rising and job prospects are decreasing. It is ironic that by means of their accessibility, subcultures are discovering it arduous to get off the bottom.

So what’s truly occurring?

In the mid to late ninety’s the Internet actually started to take off. I keep in mind being a child and ready ages for the Disney web site to load on our dial-up low velocity connection. When broadband was launched to the UK in 2000, if I had a question about how the world labored, I would merely ask Google and my curiosity can be fulfilled in seconds. I would get again from faculty on the age of 10, and chat on prompt messenger with my associates and from the age of fourteen onwards a part of my social life existed on Myspace, and ultimately Facebook.

Today, the music you want is not mirrored in the best way you gown, however represented by the bands you “like” and submit to Facebook, the music blogs you learn, the channels you comply with on Youtube, the artists you comply with on Soundcloud, and the membership nights you go to. Your Facebook profile is an commercial of your id.

What’s the purpose of shaving half your hair off when your mum did it within the 70’s anyway? The thrilling “shock” issue that our mother and father had of their youth simply is not there for my era. Young individuals need to go to excessive lengths in an effort to shock older generations, together with the “Neknomination” fad the place you’re filmed downing harmful quantities of alcohol after which nominating another person to finish the problem over Facebook. Young individuals have died of their try at a “punk” motion.

Despite this, there are various reviews that my era is probably the most smart in a very long time, with alcohol consumption statistics for my age group steadily reducing. BBC News studies that Britons have been consuming much less and fewer yearly since 2002. The recession appears to be including to this mentality: younger individuals are much less carefree than earlier generations.

Adding to that is the rise of home music (loosely termed “EDM” within the US). House music tends to go hand in hand with MDMA, ecstasy and clubbing – a world that, normally, appeals extra to younger individuals. DJ’s and producers have turn into the rock stars of the music world – individuals younger individuals aspire to be and idolize. However, home music is so broad – much less subculture and extra fall to the ground beat – you possibly can’t spot a home music fan by their haircut.

Does all of this imply that subculture is lifeless? Is there nothing new to create and can a subculture ever be given sufficient time and area to develop? Will Britney ever cease making home music? Will Miley shoot porn with a purpose to be subversive? How far are individuals ready to go?

However, I consider that each one is just not misplaced.

Recently there appears to be the rumblings of a social media backlash. Accounts on Facebook are closing and individuals are questioning whether or not they can stand to see one other “selfie” on Instagram.
To add to this, membership nights have gotten, as soon as extra, much more style-particular. New subgenres of home and digital music are rising. Youtube playlists are popping up with names of potential sub genres: individuals are trying to classify music and membership nights are rising from these playlists.

Perhaps we’ll by no means have one other motion just like the punks or the mods, however music is now extra accessible than ever and is within the arms of you and I – somewhat than being managed by media retailers such because the NME – and I assume that is a superb factor.

At the Brits, Alex Turner slurred “that rock & roll, it looks like it is fading away typically, however it can by no means die. And there’s nothing you are able to do about it.”

But rock n roll, like several subculture, is not simply concerning the music, you’ve got additionally received to have the fitting angle.


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