Is this forest breathing? Weird video shows entire ground moving

Footage has emerged of the earth ‘breathing’ and it’s creeping everyone out.

We all know the forest is a magical place (see also: Ferngully), but seeing it actually respire is something else.

The video was shot by Brian Nuttall in Nova Scotia, Canada, and posted to the Facebook group ‘We Love Nova Scotia’.

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So far it has had more than four million views and over 100 comments. Some people described it as ‘strange’ and ‘creepy’, while others said it was ‘simply amazing’.

‘The wind was blowing the trees on the hill a few days after the remnants of hurricane Patricia, it was a strong west wind,’ Brian wrote on the Facebook post.

‘I walked across a choppins that was logged a few years back. As I entered a patch of trees spared from clear cutting, I noticed the ground moving.

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‘I believe the larger trees are doomed to blow down but are currently spared, the smaller trees around them help hold each other up, as the wind pushes the trees into one another.

‘I feel the trees didn’t grow deep strong roots as they wouldn’t be needed when surrounded by a forest, sheltered with strength in numbers unlike a tree found alone in a pasture.

‘The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side hill, the roots have loosened and the mossy ground from the once shaded forest floor are giving way, soon to be toppled over.

‘The ground is dry on the side hill, all gravel with shallow top soil (four to six inches) for roots, not wet, no underground rivers.’

However, we think we know what really caused it.

Is this forest breathing? Weird video shows entire ground moving


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