Israel: No New Ceasefire Deal Reached With Hamas

A senior Israeli official has told Sky News an agreement has not been reached with Hamas on a possible extension of an existing five-day ceasefire in Gaza.

It comes amid Palestinian media reports that a new ceasefire deal has been drawn up between a Hamas and Israeli delegation in Egypt.

The current truce between the two sides is due to expire at 10pm (UK time).

Sky’s Middle East reporter Tom Rayner, in Jerusalem, said: “In the last few minutes I have spoken to a senior Israeli government official who says that in contrast to what is being reported elsewhere, so far no agreement has been reached.

“A suggestion there that maybe there are games being played until this current ceasefirelapses.

“Palestinian media – the Ma’an news agency – they are citing various sources from the Palestinian delegation in Cairo, who have been taking part in mediated talks with Israel, suggesting that a breakthrough has been reached and a ceasefire deal is being drawn up now for an announcement a bit later on this evening.

“This hasn’t been backed up by the Israelis.

“Ma’annews agency is also reporting that the Israeli delegation left Cairo in the last few hours and has taken back the deal it is reporting for approval by the Israeli cabinet.

“We have not got any independent confirmation of that.

“There is also a suggestion that some kind of news conference will be held by the head of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo.

“But certainly as the clock ticks towards the end of the most recent ceasefire, it would appear that there may be some kind of longer-term deal on the cards.

“And that means something beyond simply an extension of these temporary ceasefires to allow for further talks.

“From the reports that we are hearing, from our sources in Cairo, the deal may be different to the ones that we have seen in the last couple of weeks.

“The suggestion is, from local media at least, that there may be some progress towards a longer-term agreement that might make way for dealing with some of the core issues – about the lifting of the blockade from the Palestinian side, or the demilitarisation of Gaza from the Israeli side – at the heart of this.

“But I think we have to take everything – until the current ceasefire lapses – with a big pinch of salt.”

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