iWatch shows up on the US Patent Office website

As if further proof was needed that Apple is planning a smartwatch, diagrams showing what the iWatch could look like have turned up at the US Patent Office.


The designs show plans for a watch that tethers to another mobile device, and that will be packed with sensors – possibly including some in the strap. Exactly as we’re expecting the iWatch to do.

Interestingly, it also suggests that the main face unit will be removable from the strap – perhaps reminiscent of the old iPod Nano that could be used as a wristwatch, or even many modern fitness wearables like Fitbit, where you remove the clever bit to charge it up.

Whilst this is significant because it is further proof that Apple is working on a watch, it shouldn’t be taken as conclusive proof. The final device could be totally different: often companies will patent ideas just in case and never bring a corresponding product to market. Though we’d say the iWatch is a pretty safe bet.

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22 July 2014 | 1:56 pm – Source:techdigest.tv

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