Jealous video gamer killed his ex’s lover

Jealous video gamer killed his ex's lover
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A war games fanatic who hunted down his estranged wife’s boyfriend and stabbed him to death on his own doorstep has been sentenced to life.

Wayne Smith, 38, disguised himself in a paramilitary-style outfit and covered his face with a hood – before travelling to Jon Britton’s home and plunging a carving knife into his chest.

He attacked the 43-year-old with such force that the blade snapped off in his hand, Liverpool crown court heard.

Smith denied murder but Mrs Justice Susan Carr said his behaviour was ‘cold-blooded and premeditated’.

She added: ‘Nothing that the court has been told about you and your circumstances could possibly justify your actions.’

Smith, from Birkenhead, married Sarah Arbon in 2010 and they had a child together.

But the relationship broke down after he went on long-term sick leave and expected her to look after him while he played computer games. Ms Arbon, 36, began seeing Mr Britton after realising she was ‘with the wrong man’, the court was told.

But Smith was ‘obsessed’ with his ex and furious that her new partner was forging a relationship with their daughter, the jury heard.

On December 3 last year, he went to the house where guitarist Mr Britton was rehearsing with two bandmates and knifed him repeatedly.

He then went to his friend Stephen Hatton to give himself an alibi that they had been playing a computer war game – but Smith was caught out by CCTV footage that showed his face.

Mr Britton died of shock and blood loss in hospital.

Smith was told yesterday he would serve a minimum of 28 years in prison for the killing. Hatton was jailed for six months for assisting him

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