Jeremy Meeks memes: Hot mugshot guy reveals he is married in interview with KXTV

Hot criminal's mugshot gets meme treatment
Jeremy Meeks: Hot mugshot guy has been given the meme treatment (Picture: Stockton Police Department)

Smooth criminal Jeremy Meeks, who won an army of female fans after his beautiful mugshot almost broke the internet, has spoken for the first time about his new-found fame.

His booking photo has now racked up more than 80,000 ‘Likes’ after being published on Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page and inspired a host of memes.

The man himself has also given an interview from behind bars after being charged with firearm offences and his bail was upped to $1million.

However some ladies might be disappointed after Meeks, who has done jail time after a string of convictions, revealed he was married.

‘I just got visited by my wife and she said I blew up all over Facebook,’ he said in an interview with local TV station KXTV.

He said he ‘appreciated’ the attention, adding: ‘I just want them to know that this is really not like me, I’m not some kingpin.’

His mother Katherine Angier has also set up a gofundme page to raise money for her son who she says is ‘being stereotyped due to old tattoos’.

‘Please help. My son was taken into custody on his way to work. He is a working man with a son,’ she wrote.

‘He has a job and he was on his way to work, and no gang affiliations as per two of the charges. He’s my son and he is so sweet. Please help him to get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded.’

Check out more Jeremy Meeks mugshot memes below. 

Hot criminal's mugshot gets meme treatment



(Picture: Siam Goorwich / @MissSisiG)
(Picture: Siam Goorwich / @MissSisiG)


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