Johann Koenig on Instagram: ‘The Art Market Was Always Driven by Opinion Leaders’



Head over to Bast for a fun little interview with Berlin’s Johann Koenig, who has some great insights about art dealing in general, and how it’s changed today.

Here’s Koenig on Instagram:

I don’t think social media is relevant for selling but it is relevant for communicating what the work is about. This is how Instagram comes in to play: although you can share a lot of information with many people at the same time, there are also negative sides. Like all these abstract painters who look the same online; there’s no more deep looking past the surface, I feel.

The art market was always driven by opinion leaders, and followed by others who heard about it and didn’t really do their own research or form their own opinions. But where it used to be a smaller group of followers who through word of mouth propaganda heard about the latest hot stuff, now you can follow online to hear about it—and there are thousands of followers.

Wise words! Head over to Bast for more.

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