John Prescott spotted with ‘better together’ reminder written on his hand during pro-Union street meeting on Scottish Independence in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire

Did John Prescott actually write a reminder of which side he was supporting on his hand?
The words ‘better together’ can be seen just above his cuff (Picture: Mark Runnacles/Getty)

In a political landscape where figureheads are often accused of being clones of one another, it is only understandable that sometimes they forget which side they are on.

John Prescott has come up with a novel solution however – just write it on your hand.

While speaking at pro-Union meeting yesterday the Labour MP was snapped with the words ‘Better Together’ scrawled on the back of his hand.

The blunder was noticed while he was supporting campaign leader Alistair Darling in a street meeting in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

He may not have been entirely sure which side he was backing in the referendum on Scottish independence, but Mr Prescott did at least have some of his priorities straight.

He joked: ‘Here’s a revolutionary thought for you. Perhaps, if England and Scotland together had one team, we could at last beat the Germans.’

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