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Who said EVs couldn’t keep up on the Autobahn?

The German Autobahn is well-known for its unrestricted speeds. If you want to be in the fast lane, you need some serious velocity, and this is exactly what Norwegian Tesla owner Bjørn Nyland does in this video. He’s headed for the Danish border and decides that this is a good occasion to do a stress test of his Performance AWD Tesla (P85D), aiming to average about 200 kph (125 mph) for the ride.

A bit before the 8-minute mark in the video, he catches up to a Mercedes AMG SL63 (all you need to know is that it has well over 500-horsepower), and they both floor it for some above-200-kph driving.

While the video gives some impression of speed, the ride is so smooth and everybody is going so fast (even in the “slow” lane) that relative speeds aren’t that high, so this isn’t a Hollywood-style car-chase type of video. The Autobahn is fast, but it’s also relatively safe if you know what you’re doing…

What’s most striking is probably how quiet the Tesla is. You truly notice it when he comes close to the AMG and you can hear the roaring sound of the gas engine…

For more details on the dual-motor version of the Model S, check out what we wrote when it was first announced (along with autopilot features).

Tesla/Screen capture

Here’s a few photos of the P85D, along with the video of a test-ride that shows its acceleration:

Tesla/Promo image

Tesla/Promo image

Via Youtube, Teslarati

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3 August 2015 | 7:35 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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