KantoorKaravaan offers a tiny desk-sharing space in the wilderness

Do you ever feel like you’d be more productive in the middle of nowhere? Like you could really get a lot done if you were just surrounded by woods, but still had, say, WiFi and coffee?

The designers behind KantoorKaravaan must have had some of these impulses. A project of The Tipping Point Foundation, this off-grid workplace consists of several micro-offices as well as food carts and tents. KantoorKaravaan (which translates from Dutch as “office caravan”) is mobile, so it may be found in the forest or countryside of Netherlands. It has solar power and a composting toilet. Just bring your laptop or other materials and get to work.
© Erik Lindvall
© Erik Lindvall
The space will be operated as a desk-sharing service, where users can rent the space. If you’re short on cash, the creators say they will accept services for the caravan or its surroundings as a form of payment.

The caravan can accommodate either individuals or groups, and can be tailored to fit the occasion. Tom van de Beek, one of the co-founders of KantoorKaravaan told TreeHugger that as the community is growing, they’re continuing to convert vintage mobile homes into miro-offices. They also have plans to expand the concept to other countries. “We’re planning on setting up something similar in Sweden, Greece, Spain, and the US,” van de Beek said.
© Erik Lindvall
© Erik Lindvall
The project was started earlier this year. “The offices are a spinoff of SustainsVille, a five-year-old project that is building a self-sustaining community of tree houses for cultural creatives,” said van de Beek. “To be more agile and get things rolling faster we decided to build a moving version of the concept.”

In addition to the appeal of getting away from urban distractions, van de Beek points to a number of benefits of working in nature. “There are clear advantages to working from a campsite instead of a high-rise, beyond the fact that multiple studies prove that being around nature helps improve the quality of work,” he said. “It just feels good to charge your phone and laptop batteries and prepare your soy latte on solar energy while charging yourself on the virtues of nature. It’s a very effective remedy to reduce stress or avoid burn-outs. Compared to your typical office our concept, it gives you plenty of space, much needed silence, and ultimate freedom.”

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9 July 2015 | 4:30 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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